Day 1 Milngavie - Drymen 12 miles

Walking into the Unknown

Our walk began in the built up City of Glasgow but it soon felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. We were surrounded by nothing more than wildlife, hills and fresh water lochs. With the sun beating on our backs, a short stop at the Beach Tree Inn was very welcome at the halfway point. Reaching our destination after 5 1/2 hours we were more than ready to put our feet up and enjoy a cold beer.

Day 2 Drymen - Rowardennan 15 miles

What goes up must come down

Our day began with an epic climb up Conic Hill. In the scorching heat of 33C we were then met with the breathtaking scenery overlooking Loch Lomond. Thinking we had conquered the most challenging part of our day we then moved on only to find several more climbs which were just a tough going up as they were down. After running out of water and what was probably the most mentally challenging part of our walk, reaching our destination on the banks of Loch Lomond couldn't come any sooner.

Day 3 Rowardennan - Inveranan 14 miles

Hikin' Dippers

After such a tough day we were hopeful that today would bring something special. A couple of hours into our walk we were greeted with a waterfall which just looked like too much fun and we had to explore. After a cold beer at Inversnaid on yet another scorthing hot day we carried on. A couple more hours into our walk we came to end of Loch Lomond and yet again we couldn't resist diving in to the freezing cold water, possibly the highest moment of our walk. After another tough day we finally reached Inveranan, the home of the famous Drovers Inn.

Day 4 Inveranan - Inveronan 21 miles

The name game

The day which we feared from the very beginning. After such a good day previously, our spirits were high and we were in the perfect frame of mind to conquer our longest walk yet. Unlike our past 3 days we were able to hold a conversation for the majority of our walk, helped by the 'famous' name game. We reached the Bridge of Orchy at approximately 18 miles into the walk and our spirits were still suprisingly high. We then moved on, climbing over what was the toughest part of the day into Inveronan. Only to find the heartbreaking news that our accomodation was infact 3 miles back at the Bridge of Orchy... Ouch! Luckily, Joe the good old boy running our bnb, was more than happy to come and collect us, whilst having a laugh at our expense.

Day 5 Inveronan - Kinlochleven 19 miles

The Devils Staircase to Heaven

This was our first day that we woke up still akeing from the day before. After a brilliant brekkie with joe we then cracked on. About half way through we came to the much dreaded devils stear case, consisting of a climb up to a height of 1850ft, the highest point of the WHW. We shook hands at the bottom and said 'see you at the top pal' as we knew there would be no energy for a chat on the way up! We climed and climed for what felt like forever. After every winding stair case we thought this must be the top, to find it just carried on, the climb was relentless! We finally reached the top to be greeted by an amaizing view and a massive sense of acheivement. We then carried on with a 5 mile desent into Kinlochleven.

Day 6 Kinlochleven - Fort William 16 miles

Homeward Bound

We had been through some tough moments which will stay with us forever but in a way it was kind of sad knowing that we were coming to the end of our journey. The light was at the end of the tunnel and you couldn't wipe the smiles from our faces as we re-capped over the special times of our walk. Unfortunately the heavens had opened and remained open for the duration. We couldn't complain as we had been so lucky with the weather all week. We climbed all morning in the pouring rain and high winds before we began our desent past Ben Nevis into Fort William. The weather limited what would have been some fantastic views, but we had the finish line on our minds now and the last 3 miles felt like 30! Finally we reached the finish line and we had achieved what we had been preparing for over the past months. We then had ourselves a celebratory pint at one of Fort Williams local watering holes before making our way to Inverness (by car not foot!) for a few days of RnR!

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