We are delighted to announce that Sam, Natale and Liam our NVQ level 2 stars will be participating in the Fellowship of Hairdresser's Club Star.

They will be attending several workshops throughout the year which will embrace all avenues of the industry and share ideas and creativity.

Natale has been enrolled in the Fellowship's "Colour project" she will be attending this colour specific programme with access to some of the top colourists in the industry and their hands on master classes. Natale will be having a action packed 12 month course which meets every month with uniquely tailored educational events as well as photo shots of her Spring/ Summer and Autumn/Winter collection. This once in a lifetime course will expand Natales colouring repertoire and is the course the whole of the hairdressing industry is talking about.

Hayley, Karen, Sam Makepeace and Charlie will be attending the fellowships members evening. This event is to demonstrate that the team works to a very tight schedule and produce beautiful work in a very short time.

Hayley has been invited again to present at the Fellowship "Long hair work shop" in March and not surprisingly having won the converted title "New Talent" award she has been invited to be part of the KMS international artistic team.

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