We take very seriously all aspects of cleanliness.

We would like to inform you that we are very aware of the situation and are ensuring all our health and hygiene standards are always of a high standard, and shall be increasing a vigil on maintaining and improving as necessary.

We are a 5* salon and introduced disposable towels some years ago to avoid any risk of cross-contamination, every client receives  a clean sterile towel, this is just one important change that will help in minimising cross-contamination.

Book your consultation to find out the truth about your hair health.

Hair is a barometer of your inner health, call 01442 877273 to find out more.

An iconic business leader to join the Ciente team in support of Children with cancer charity event at Villa Tiberio Marbella ... 40K was raised on the evening ... what an amazing achievement ... well done Caroline Randerson for all your hard work and Sandro for hosting such an amazing event.


Book your scalp assessment and find out how healthy your scalp and hair is ... 01442 877273

... in the most exciting industry with so many career opportunities!

Treat your loved ones to something special for VALENTINES!!

New high powered sun tan cab - Keep your summer glow through winter - 01442 877273


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Fellowship for British Hairdressing Creative Excellence
The Hair Council
The Guild of Master Craftsmen
Herts Chamber of Commerce
Society of Cosmetic Scientists

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Pepper Foundation
Hospice of St Francis
Children with Cancer
The Hairdresser Charity

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