1 / Never brush hair when wet, as the brush can catch the knots and pull until the hair breaks, over a period of time this will create a change in hair density, creating less hair which you will notice  in the ponytail, if not rectified the breakage will continue and eventually the condition of the hair becomes very weak and could  effect the health of hair growth .


2 / Always use a wide tooth comb , starting from ends to roots .
change your hair brushes regularly , as missing teeth and bristles can create hair breakage by damage to the outer layer of the hair shaft, known as the cuticle .

3 / Constant tight hair styles could  eventually cause a hair loss known as ‘traction alopecia’ , tight braids are a classic, as are  ballet dancers with tight buns. as this can cause a hairline recession from the constant tension, which could become permanent if continued over a period longer than 3 years .

4 / Dieting and cutting out certain foods that are high in protein , such as B12, (found primarily in red meat such as lean steak, liver and offal) ,can be a contributing factor to hair shedding. If  you decide to become a vegetarian and cut out red meat ensure your looking at your B12 ,B Complex and serum ferritin levels, when these are low could lead to a ‘telogen effluvium’ , which is a premature resting phase in the hair growth cycle, simply meaning you will lose a greater amount of hair each day.
This can sometimes lead to the scalp becoming more noticeable, the condition of the hair becomes dry lifeless and brittle and will not hold a style as it used too.
Once the offending factor has been diagnosed and a good balanced diet is resumed this should rectify itself.

5./  Supplements such as Viviscal Pro can assist in maintaining a healthy hair growth along with a good balanced diet .

6./ Stress levels can also contribute to hair shedding ,this is far more complex and the client should be recommended to seek professional advice from one of our  qualified trichologist who are  members of ‘ The institute of trichologists’, BAHRS,and the Society of  Cosmetic Science .

7./ Over processed hair , such as highlighting , bleaching and colours that are not applied by a professional hairdresser , could cause hair issues, such as , dehydrated hair shaft, this will create the loss of the hair cuticle, which means colour fade will be greater and the hair becomes dull, lifeless and unmanageable, hair tangles easily and has no shine  or elasticity .
This can be rectified by using  the correct professional shampoo, hair treatments and conditioners. Speak to one of our colour masters.

8./ Remember shampoo is to cleanse the scalp, hair treatments penetrate the cuticle and help to Rehydrate the cortex, which contains moisture, sugar salt and fatty acids, so the inner cortex of the hair shaft needs to be balanced, conditioners coat the cuticle only, and do no not penetrate the cuticle.
Leaving a conditioner on for longer is not a treatment and will not give the hair its elasticity, body and shine that a professional treatment hair plan will give the hair .

9/ We offer extensions service and we ensure our team are trained in the correct removal process, This is so  important as can cause excessive hair loss through untrained operators.

10./ Post pregnancy hair loss is quite usual, so do not  be alarmed. During the gestation period ( the term related to pregnancy) your hair enters into a permanent growth cycle,which gives you  beautiful healthy head of hair,  this is due to the rise in oestrogen hormones. However around 3-6 month after the birth its quite likely you will notice an excessive hair shedding, this is due to the cycle returning to its normal phase , and oestrogen levels changing, thus causing noticeable hair loss,generally around the frontal margin of the hairline, mainly temples and sometimes diffuse loss, (meaning throughout the scalp).
once the body has returned to a normal cycle the hair will regrow, however it is important the mother has a healthy balanced diet and tries to sleep as much as possible , as sleep deprivation can be another causative factor of hair shedding . speak to one our nutritionist specialist.

For more information regarding hair loss and or hair issues please contact Trisha Buller MIT SRSH, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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